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The Pebbleair allows you to control your Fujitsu heat pump from virtually anywhere using your smartphone or tablet (iPhone or Android).

The Pebble is exclusively from Fujitsu, and gives you remote access to monitor and control your heat pump. You can turn it on and off, check and adjust your in-home temperature and set timers to give you perfect comfort when you arrive home.

How it works

The Pebble is very simple to set-up and use because it is a straightforward ‘plug-in and play’ device.

All you need to do is plug it in at home and pair it to your Wi-Fi.

Then download the ‘pebble air’ App from iTunes (for iPhone and iPads), or from Google Play (for Android phones and tablets).

Then you’ll have your heat pump control at your fingertips wherever you are!


  • Control your heat pump from your smartphone: switch it on and off, choose the temperature and set timers.
  • Timer function includes 7-day timer settings, even on older models where this feature was not previously available
  • Works on current as well as older Fujitsu models.
  • Also works on multiple heat pump models and brands.
  • Fully compatible with iPhones and Android mobiles, iPads and Android tablets.
  • Easy to set-up: ‘plug-in and play’. Plug it in, pair with you home Wi-Fi and download the App.
  • No installation costs, no technicians, no fuss.
  • Future proofed – the Pebble operates from the cloud to make future updates and improvements automatic on your phone App
  • Patented Kiwi technology and know-how makes connection to your phone seamless and secure.

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