Water Heating

With the ever increasing cost of power, it makes very good sense to look at ways to save money. One of the most obvious culprits is your hot water heating, which accounts for 34% of your monthly electricity bill.

Econergy-unitEconergy makes clever use of the ambient heat in the air to heat your hot water at much lower cost. Using patented technology Econergy extracts heating energy from the air and uses this to heat your hot water in a single pass.

Generous capacity is ensured with the Econergy HP4000LT, and because Econergy heats from the top down, continuous supply can be achieved even in times of high hot water demand.

The system is controlled by an 'intelligent' microprocessor which works to achieve the most efficient operation under all conditions.Econergy-controller This gives real time information including the running status of the unit. It also allows manual changeover between the heating unit and the electric element.

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