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Like all heating and cooling systems, proper maintenance is the key to the efficient operation of your heat pump system.

The difference between the energy consumption of a well maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10%–25%.

Along with cleaning the filters once a month, Ezi-Breeze recommends a professional service for your heat pumps every 18 months.

The benefits of an Ezi-Breeze Service are:

  • Gas pressure testing ensures system is not low on gas and compressor is running 100% efficiently.
  • Air on/ Air Off/Temperature testing ensures the correct heat is coming out of the wall unit and compressor is running 100% efficiently.
  • Filter cleaning - dirty filters block air flow, meaning the unit will work harder. This may lead to increased power consumption.
  • Check all electrical terminations as a loose connection could cause a fire.
  • Check drains as clear drains eliminate possible water damage.
  • Clean decoration panels to keep your unit looking new.
  • Inspection is important for corrosion preventative maintenance.

To book a service Call us now on Rangiora 03 313 5966 or Christchurch 03 352 2780 or contact us here

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